I made my grandparents happy with a foot spa

Buying a gift for my grandparents is every year one of the most controversial and nerve-racking choices I need to make. So, two weeks prior to their anniversary (oh, I won’t mention the ordeal of buying them individual birthday presents) I was already stumbling in and out of stores in the biggest quest of the year. I don’t even remember who suggested that a foot spa machine could be a great choice: it might have been a friend, a saleswoman or myself, but I immediately felt this might do the trick of pleasing them, after a couple of years of failed conventional gifts that they had no use of. I forgot to mention my grandparents are quite practical people and they like to receive items that actually serve at something.

As they both have feet problems, given their age, they were amazingly thrilled with their new toy and we’ve spent quite some time reading the instructions manual and teaching them how it functions and what they can do with it.

I was pleasantly surprised when they called me, after a couple of weeks, to thank me for the machine, as it helped them relax their tired feet at night and treat minor issues such as swollen and sore feet, that they were prone to especially in days when they had to walk more than usually. Recently, they have taken a trip outside the city and they packed the spa with them, together with all the needed ingredients, in case they would have needed it. They said the foot spa machine was of major assistance after a long day walking. I’m considering taking them another one, so that they both have an individual machine and not fight over it.

Looking back now, I can see why this product was able to ameliorate their foot pain and relieve fatigue after walking. When I bought it, I was informed the spa wasn’t solely designed to heat water and keep it warm while you attempt to peel off the rough skin of your soles, but it included a couple of other helpful, relaxation enhancing devices. On the bottom it had two antiskid, rubberized surfaces, to prevent any accidents from happening, which I thought could be quite useful to my grandmother, as she already had knee surgery and really couldn’t afford injuring her legs again. Besides, the machine was also fitted with two massage rollers that you had to rub your feet on to relax them and, additionally, you could also enjoy a vibrating massage and water wave massage.

Moreover, this little machine was fitted with an aromatherapy device in which you could add your favorite fragrances to obtain a perfumed bath. However, my grandparents usually use Epsom salt which they put directly in the bath. And, to make things easier for them, the device included a simple drainage hose, and a system that allowed them to push the spa and empty it with ease, without having to carry it. Now I’m looking for something a little bit more professional, so that they are able to enjoy a professional spa treatment at home.

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I use my drill press for woodworking and I love it


I have always known drill presses to be terrific precision tools that can bore holes in exact locations while delivering meticulously controlled boring depths. A favorite tool of woodworkers, the drill press is what I have decided to get myself for my small workshop. I did plenty of research on size and cost to help me decide between a benchtop model and a freestanding or floor unit. I found that for my purpose, I could get a benchtop model at the onset and hopefully move from there once my real estate space has grown.

Since all drill presses work basically the same way, learning how to run my new drill press was easy. The motor is mounted at the back of the machine. It drives a pair of pulleys connected to a spindle that drives the bit. Adjusting the bit speed is easy with the stepped pulleys, allowing me to work on different materials and thicknesses for various woodworking projects. I always use slower speeds for large diameter bits and higher speeds for small diameter ones. I like that my machine comes with five speeds so I can make more precise adjustments every time.

I sometimes experiment (I also experiment with different types of drill and for that I go to website where there are drill press comparison tables) with special types of bits to cut square mortises for joinery works for furniture or to cut decorative rosettes for intricate projects. I also like that my unit has a quill lock that is quite easy to use, which allows me to lower the bit to the exact spot on my workpiece and hold it there temporarily as I make the necessary adjustments to the drilling depth. I am able to handle different sizes of workpieces thanks to the worktable dimensions of 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches. The slotted worktable accommodates clamps or a vise so my workpiece can easily be held in place. The support post is solid and strong, and the base offers more than enough rigidity and support to handle all the vital components of the machine securely as I work.


The chuck always works smoothly. The chuck and spindle assembly are designed so the bit will not exhibit a lot of or wobble as it turns, ensuring consistency in my projects. The primary reason I got a drill press was accuracy. Woodworking requires precise hole drilling and with my drill press, i can create uniformly spaced holes to exact depths, widths and angles as needed for my projects. The depth stop lets me control how far the drill bit will sink into my workpiece, ensuring that the holes are bit too far into the wood nor too shallow.

The machine also enables quick completion of projects with the automatic setting of depths and angles, so I can prevent wastage of materials and time in my workshop. Since I wouldn’t need to exercise as much caution when using a hand drill, i am not slowed down unnecessarily thanks to the automation provided by my drill press. With ample power in my hands, the drill press offers me better functionality that allows me to drill angled holes into wood, letting me enter the wood at the exact spot. I really love my drill press and what it can help me do.

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Why I Don’t Think Radar Detectors Are Still Viable in 2017

Radar detectors are pretty nice to have, since they can let you know in advance that there is a police radar ahead. That gives you enough time to reduce your current speed, so you do not get a ticket. However, no matter how great things seem to be right now, there are certain technicalities that can prevent you from using a radar detector properly. Since the legislation regarding radar detectors and their use in the US is terribly fractured, and states do not have the same laws everywhere, especially for long distance drivers this could be a serious problem.

Under the Communications Act of 1934 it is legal to own a radar detector in most US states. While this should make things pretty simple and straightforward, things are simply not like that. For instance, in Virginia and Washington DC, radar detectors are completely banned, so even the simple fact of owning one can get you into trouble. And things do not stop here. There are important exceptions to the rule, such as the use of a radar detector on military bases. However, since you are supposed to go through several checkpoints in such areas, chances are that you will have no opportunity to speed up too much.


Another thing you should know about radar detectors is that they are usually not allowed on heavy vehicles. For vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds, the use of such devices is strictly prohibited. In Illinois, New York and New Jersey, there is even more legislation regarding heavy vehicles and the use of radar detectors. In addition, if you are caught operating a radar detector on such a vehicle, you will have to pay a pretty hefty fine.


In California and Minnesota, you can have a radar detector installed on your car, but be aware where you place it. These states have quite a rigorous legislation regarding mounting objects on the windshield. The law considers that such objects can obstruct the driver’s field of view, which may lead to accidents. Although it is fairly convenient to have the radar detector mounted on the windshield, you should have it mounted someplace else, to avoid any run-ins with the law.


You may escape with an undetectable radar detector, but I would advise against. Besides the fact that you cannot know for sure whether the device can really go undetected or not, if you are caught, you can risk getting fine for it, or even worst. Such problems with the law make radar detectors a tricky choice for 2016. They do work and they can help you reduce the number of tickets you would normally get for speeding, but since you may find yourself breaking the law, this is something for you to keep in mind. So, here are my two cents on this, and why I think radar detectors are not so great anymore.


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Replacing my old quesadilla maker

When my old quesadilla maker began failing, I knew I had to get a brand new one pronto. The existing quesadilla maker I have has been on my kitchen countertop for a good three years, and that’s good enough for me considering that I got it on sale at a fantastic bargain price. Now, before buying my trusty quesadilla maker, I did some research and product comparisons. I also looked at owner feedback to make sure I wasn’t going to get an appliance that would turn out unusable or easily broken. I was lucky to find my old quesadilla maker three years ago, and I have not regretted that purchase one bit. This is why I am so sorry to have to bid goodbye to my favorite dinner cooking partner that has served me well all these years.

Till now, I still haven’t decided which quesadilla maker to get. There have been so many companies that manufacture small electric kitchen appliances that it has become more difficult to choose a single product, much less to do research on all of the products available to thresh out the best performing ones. I have even asked everyone I know who owns a quesadilla maker but sadly, majority of them have the same problem I do: they have not been able to find the perfect quesadilla maker to replace their old ones. Now what should I do?

Well, miracles never cease after all! One of my pals, who has been on holiday in Europe for a month, invited me to dinner one Saturday evening (last night only!) so we could celebrate her return and swap stories on what had been going on with our respective lives. Single like I am, that friend of mine prepared both our favorite food that evening, nothing else but , you guessed it, QUESADILLAS! We both love Mexican food, especially quesadillas. She put in all our favorite fillings, chicken, turkey, Monterey Jack, green pepper, chopped onion, avocado, the works. We had a quesadilla party that evening. There were so many stories to share I completely forgot that she had the very kitchen appliance that I needed to replace in my own kitchen, a quesadilla maker. It was new, since she had to retire her old quesadilla maker before she left for Europe.

I did get around to asking her the million dollar question: where did she find such a fantastic replacement appliance that cooked the quesadilla perfectly, all golden brown and crispy? She mentioned this helpful site that reviews quesadilla makers. It is Sunday morning, I am exhausted from all the gabbing we did last night, but I am now about to visit that fantastic site my friend told me about. Cheerios, you guys! Got a job to do for the sake of many dinners to come!



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