Why an electric broom is a great addition to your house


I have taken a long time to consider if to add to my kitchen arsenal an electric broom ( here is a top with the most popular products available online) and what type I should choose. In the beginning it wasn’t easy, I had to browse through reviews and offers that weren’t always useful. Finally, I’ve come to the conclusion that, if I wanted something that is able to replace my vacuum cleaner, it should be a product I was able to use with ease and that would spare me from the ordeal of using my vacuum cleaner. Until then, I had been using a heavy, old model that was impractical because of the hose that I had to drag from one room to another.

I have a medium-sized apartment, so I don’t need more than one hour for vacuuming, but preparing the machine for use took me more time than the actual vacuuming. I’ve started my search for the best electric broom, by checking major brands offers in detail. I’ve made up my mind to buy a cordless electric broom from Bissell because I believed a cord would make the product inconvenient to use and due to the positive reviews from owners.

I ordered it, and the product arrived after two days, nicely wrapped at my door. I’ve decided to use it right away to see how it works on my carpet. Just a little piece of advice, though it may seem like not such an important thing to do, since the item seems so easy to handle, read the instructions manual that explains how the item needs to be set for better results on different surfaces. There’s a button on the lever that starts up the main roll brush,  to offer you better performances on fluffy materials, by picking up mess stored deeply into your carpet’s fabric. The brush is not needed on tiles and hard floors, so you can switch it off.

The item I chose, the  Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper functions on both hard floors and carpets and it can be converted into a handheld vacuum that I thought would really come in handy to use in spaces  that would normally be out of reach for any type of cleaning utensil. Due to this ergonomic feature, you can clean underneath or inside cabinets and other pieces of furniture.

The battery runs for approximately 50-60 minutes so I can sweep my entire place at once. However, even if I finish earlier, I always recharge it, to have it ready in case I need it again. It is a really easy-to-use product and the handle is extremely mobile, thus you won’t feel tired after an 1 hour-long cleaning session. Plus, you can pick up the dust from underneath your furniture, because the head of the broom is slim and it fits in about any place. I’m sure I won’t be forced to use my heavy vacuum cleaner for a while now and my house will still look sparkly.


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My review of the Plusino Spin Kit

Out of the many spinning cast rod and reel combo’s for bass fishing I have tried over the past years, I have to admit the Plusino gave me the greatest satisfaction in what the number of successful catches is concerned. It is kind of ironic because, being very picky, I like to buy my own tackle, and this combo was bought by my wife who has no knowledge whatsoever about fishing gear. She apparently went with the store personnel suggestion, and even though I am usually distrustful with strangers recommendations, I had to take it out fishing a couple of times just to reward her effort. To my surprise, it proved to be a very effective equipment and I rarely switched to something else.

The first thing that comes as a great advantage on this rod is the fact that it’s telescopic, so you can store it anywhere you want, and it’s even easier to set up for fishing than my two-piece rods. In addition, it is composed of a Carbon fiber and fiberglass mix, so it feels flexible and yet strong. Eight aluminum oxide guides hold the line in place on every segment and you can feel the control you have on your cast through the slick reel handle.

The reel has a large, deep aluminum spool with a medium line capacity. The 12 bail bearings are a good feature, as they make the tension in a strong drag almost unobservable.

Some other reviewers complained about the anti-corrosion feature not being as advertised, but until now I haven’t seen any sign of rust or corrosion, although I have been using the gear in saltwater and on wet weather conditions.


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Tips on buying a fish finder


We, fishermen, all want to catch more and more fish, which is why it’s absolutely natural to look for a dependable and accurate fish finder at some point or the other. Let’s face it – not all these devices are built the same. Some are better than others, whether they’re packed with useful functionalities or just have superior capabilities. Here’s a short list of tips and tricks to refer to if you want to get the best value for the right price.

One of the crucial details to consider is to pay attention to the frequency and power of the product you want to spend your money on. These days, portable fish finders come in all shapes and sizes and some might have larger or smaller screens, but the bottom line is that the power has to be correlated with the frequency so that you’re able to understand if the unit is fit for your needs. The higher the power and the lower the frequency, the more detail you’ll be able to see in deep waters. With a higher frequency and lower power, you’ll be able to target your catches in shallow waters.

Another feature to take into account is the size of the screen. If you prefer a simplistic approach, perhaps you’d benefit from using a portable alternative such as the Deeper Smart or the Fish Hunter Pro, which come with transducers that can be connected wirelessly to any of your mobile devices. This feature is advantageous because you will be able to get all the benefits of your tablet, for instance. If you prefer the typical fish finder, it goes without saying that you should pick one that comes with a resolution of at least 240 by 160 pixels. The larger the display, the higher the price of the product. Also, you’ll have to look at the water resistance of the screen so that it’s not affected by the wetness in your kayak or aluminum boat. On the same note, you ought to decide either on a color or a black and white screen, although we hardly recommend getting a grayscale option nowadays, as these ones seem to become more and rather obsolete with every day that goes by.

For all intents and purposes, you have to know just how you’ll be mounting your transducer. In our experience, transom mount transducers are by far the easiest to install and work with, but this may not be a reasonable option for people interested in doing some kayak fishing, which case they ought to select a thru-hull unit.


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Water powered sump pumps – are they the best choice

Even the best water powered sump pumps have both advantages and disadvantages and know them all in order to make an informed decision. You want to know that you’ll be spending your money on something worth the while as the pump has to be capable of keeping your basement in top shape regardless of a power outage or any other damaging circumstances.

One of the most common pros of getting and using a water powered alternative is that it can operate infinitely. As such, most of the models that are available in today’s market require no electricity and no battery. If you install the system properly, you have a high chance of using it for many years to come. Maintenance and cleaning are two things you won’t have to be bothered by if you pick this alternative as there are virtually no parts or replacements that have to be checked. Since it does not rely on a battery, there will be no acid spills or battery disposal problems to speak of. What’s more, the installation of this kind of system is often times a breeze as it doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge and can be performed swiftly by many owners.

The disadvantages of getting such a product are significantly fewer when compared to the pros. However, they do exist and a prospective buyer should be aware of them before making a final call. You ought to have a reliable water source in order to use this kind of sump pump, which might be a problem for some people, specifically because many models have been designed to work with at least 2 PSI of city water. If you have a city water supply, you really have nothing to worry about. If, on the other hand, you don’t benefit from this water source, you may find that a battery backup sump pump is the right product for your needs. Another con of using a water sump pump is the fact that the water in the entire system might get mixed with the one in the pump, which can lead to contamination. This issue rarely occurs as most of the consumers install a backflow preventer.

The efficiency and performance of a water powered sump pump cannot be denied. It could be compared to a battery backup sump pump but the main difference between the two is the fact that the second is considerably less affordable compared to the first. Besides, it needs a full-size sump pump to be able to do its job as there are few battery backups that can be bought separately. It might be worth underlining that, if you’re the owner and user of a submersible alternative, you unfortunately can’t install a water powered option. The system is incapable of doing its job under these circumstances.

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Yogurt is an important part of a balanced diet



A US study has proven that with high intake of yogurt, especially as part of a healthy diet regimen in adults, promotes a positive effect on blood pressure control and can also be beneficial in the prevention of hypertension. Those who consume more than three servings a week are more likely to gain less weight over a year compared to those who consume less than one serving per week. Always choose low-fat or fat-free yogurt. Or better yet, make your own fat-free yogurt using skim milk plus non-instant non-fat dry milk.

If you own one of the best yogurt makers, it ensures that you can make homemade yogurt for your consumption instead of having to buy from the grocery. If you add up the grocery money you shell out to indulge your weekly yogurt fancy, you may be able to save up enough to get a premium quality yogurt maker so you can have all the yogurt you want any time. Plain yogurt can be topped with some fresh or dried fruit, and this will be a better alternative to fruit-flavored commercial yogurts that can contain sugars.There have been significant studies that have found a real connection between yogurt consumption and healthy weight management. The findings in those studies have found that yogurt, if not helpful enough for losing weight, can be instrumental for weight maintenance, at least.

Compared to butter, cream and cream cheese, yogurt is a healthy dairy product. Existing research has suggested that less weight gain can be associated with yogurt-rich diets over time, which has not been found to be true when consuming nonfat or low-fat milk. Furthermore, weight gain is associated with comparable consumption of cheese and whole milk. Yogurt diets also produce health effects on specific conditions such as diabetes mellitus and other cardiometabolic diseases. Yogurt is one of the key food items that we should consume more of, specifically when fighting off diabetes mellitus.

More yogurt contributes to beneficial diet patterns, especially if we are to consume a greater quantity of minimally processed foods including vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seafood and vegetable oils. Cut down on your red meat intake, as well as on your consumption of sodium-preserved or processed foods and meats full of added sugars, starch, refined grains, trans fat and salt.

Yogurt is a low-fat and nutrient-filled food item that offers a preventive effect in studies that evaluated the relationship between blood pressure levels and yogurt consumption. If you obtain over 2 percent of your total calorie intake from yogurt, this could mean less risks of incident hypertension compared to not eating any yogurt at all. Consuming high amounts of yogurt can result in a smaller yearly increase in systolic blood pressure compared to not eating yogurt at all.



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