Gadgets you can use to make camping more interesting

Camping is an activity that relaxes you and provides you with the opportunity to escape your daily problems. Most people who choose camping as a hobby do it because of that, as the feeling of freedom and connection with nature is irreplaceable. However, as we’ve lost our abilities to survive into the wild, some additional items to help us in our first trips sleeping under the stars may come in handy.

      Emergency weather radio


An emergency weather radio delivers you the weather prognosis and keeps you posted on any weather alerts in your area. If there’s a storm headed your way, then you will be notified in a timely manner and so be able to avoid it. In addition, as they are designed to be helpful in emergency situations, they are equipped with flashlights, hand crank generators, long-lasting batteries and they offer you the possibility of recharging your phone on them if your battery is running low.

 Portable Bluetooth speakers


A camping trip with friends is not the same if you’re not able to play some good music. An iPod or even a tablet is something that anybody has with them, but what about the possibility of listening to your favorite music without the hustle of dealing with heavy speakers and tangled cables? This you can only obtain by acquiring a good pair of Bluetooth speakers. If they’re waterproof all the better, as you don’t have to worry they may dysfunction if the rain starts falling.

      Pressure shower bag


One of the major and not easily solved problems that you are confronted with when camping is showering. You may be able to resist a while without it, but if you spend more time far from any facility equipped with a shower, then it becomes unbearable. Fortunately, some people have thought about this problem and managed to come with a solution for it. It is true, an imperfect one, but still one that will make camping for longer periods of time so much better. This is the pressure shower bag. Technically, what you have is a bag that you can fill with water and preferably leave under the sun to warm. Then, by pressing the pump with which the bag is fitted, you can generate water that pours out through a small shower head. You won’t get the same amount of pressure as your home shower will provide you with, but it will still feel like heaven after all those days without proper washing.

      Survival tablet


If you cannot camp without staying in touch with the outer world no matter in what remote area you find yourself, then a survival tablet, conceived especially for outdoor situations is a gadget you must have with you. Equipped with a highly efficient radio, GPS and a series of extremely useful applications, a survival tablet will enclose several survival items in one compact, efficient and functional in any area device.

There you are, a couple of useful gadgets that I’ve found during my long internet researches. Hope you will benefit from using at least one of them.