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I know the above post title may sound a bit ambitious, but my purpose was to get your attention and make you want to read my short introduction. Hi, I’m Michael, I am 34 years old, and I am the kind of person who loves all kinds of things. While I do find it hard to identify one thing and one thing only to catch my attention, I still have some passions that I put on top of the list.

My blog will all be about these passions. I know many other people share them and I want to share my passions with these people.

What I like? First of all, I like reading and reviewing sporting equipment. I plan to research and let you know about the best deals around for sporting equipment. Since I am already spending hours on end surfing the net and finding the best deals, I do not want to keep them all to myself. If you find here something useful for you or a friend or family member, that will make me very glad.

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I am particularly interested in fishing gear, hunting gear, team sports and athletic gear. Whenever I find something that is worth buying and it is sold for a discount, I will hurry to share it with you here. I’d be very excited to have you visiting my blog regularly, as I will strive to update it with the latest deals as often as possible.

I also like gadgets and my favorite websites are and Who doesn’t like them? From smartphones to wearables, I like knowing everything about the latest gimmicks the thick glasses type of guys are coming up with. In case you want to know more about the newest gadgets launched on the market, come to me and I will tell you everything I learn all the time. Great discounts are my favorite, and you will be able to catch some amazing deals if you decide to stop by.

Lastly, I want to share my passion for music in this blog. Music is a lot of fun and for me, it is a companion and an aid, whenever I work, I do chores around the house, or when I simply want to relax.

There you have them, all my passions and all my good intentions for this website. I would love having you visit, whenever you want to buy something for a great discount, or when you want to know what music I like listening to lately.