How do you choose your fishing clothing?


How you choose your fishing clothing depends mainly on the type of fishing you are in for. If you’re fishing on the borders of a lake, you can afford wearing basic clothing to keep you protected against water and insects, but, if you’re wading in the surf, then you can forget about pants or shirts, because you’ll gonna get soaking wet and freeze on the beach. Besides, you’ll also going to have trouble casting your bait because your wet clothes will force you to double your efforts. As such, it is essential that you match your clothes to the fishing settings. You can freely choose your underwear and your shirt, of course, (provided that they are both comfortable), but you will need to pick the other items more carefully.




sold5If you go on a fishing boat or spend your time in water while you fish, this garment is quite essential to your success and to your well-being and comfort as well. You can acquire waders to cover your feet or waders that go up to your chest and look like a dungarees. These are made with rubber, nylon, neoprene or Gore-Tex. You should make your choice depending on the context. If you don’t need the dungarees style, you should look for waders that reach up until to your hips, so that you have more freedom of movement and feel less heavy. The choice of material also depends on the temperature outside. A breathable material is a better option during summer than a non-breathable one, because of all the sweat accumulating under them. During winter, nonetheless, you may want to wear another pair of pants underneath waders made out of breathable materials, as you may get cold. If you’re on a tight budget you can opt for vulcanized rubber waders, which are impermeable, but have less flexibility and will drastically reduce your mobility. However, when it comes to waterproof materials, rubber does a great job.

One last thing, if you’re buying waders, check for waterproof zippers and large pockets, as you may be in need of depositing small items in them, if you’re in the middle of the water where you can’t carry your whole tackle box with you.


Jacket and pants


sold6Fishing jackets need to be water repellent, protect you against insect bites and be thick enough to protect you from the cold. In addition, two or three pockets are a useful bonus, because you can stock them with baits or other small items that you need to have close while you are fishing. For cold mornings and nights a hoodie would be a welcomed addition to your jacket. Pants should be chosen the same way as jackets. They need to be water repellent, protect you against mosquito bites and keep you warm. A smart choice would be buying convertible pants for hot summer days or pants made with comfortable and airy materials to keep you from sweating or feeling paralyzed.




sold7A hat is a must when you go fishing because it protects your head against water, mosquitoes, rain, wind and sun – a couple of things you may be dealing with during this kind of trip, even if not with all at the same time. As such, your hat needs to be made with a good material and to include some protection features: a wide brim, a neck cape and a strap so that it doesn’t get blown away by the wind. Besides, it should make you feel comfortable wearing it.