How high heels affect your body



The majority of women like to wear high heels, since they represent an important part of their image and appearance. More than that, they are elegant, beautiful and usually express a woman’s desires and preferences concerning fashion.

However, not all women can bear wearing high heels all day long, since it may be very painful. But they are unavoidable if there are special occasions, such as birthdays, wedding days or conferences. Therefore, since your feet are the most important parts of your body that determine its movement and posture, you have to be aware of the effect that your heels may have on you.

Foot diseases

While wearing high heels, your feet do not move as they are “programmed” to move. Wearing high-heeled shoes on a daily basis may increase the risk of developing foot diseases, such as hammertoe deformities or ingrown toenails. They are very painful and have to be treated.


Knee and hip diseases

You may end up suffering from knee arthritis if you often choose to wear heels in the morning. This is because the posture of your knees is not straight. Have you ever noticed that you have to move your knees a little forward in order to keep your balance while on heels? Well, this is when they get tired and develop a higher risk of arthritis.

For the same reason, you may suffer from pain on the outside part of your hips.


Back pain

Have you ever gotten back home after a whole day on stilettos and felt that your lower back hurts as it has never hurt before? This is because of your fashionable heels. You feel that hard pain in your lower back because their wearing leads to an unequal distribution of weight. It will do no harm to you if you feel it once a month, for example. But, in time, this pain may grow into a more serious condition.


Even if it is very dangerous to wear high heels on a daily basis, because it does no good to our posture – it just adds extra stress on our back and legs – women still wear their favorite stilettos. It is unavoidable and no one can stop them from doing this.

However, if you are a woman and if you are concerned about your health and about your future, just make sure to choose the most comfortable high heels while analyzing some models in a shop. Do not ever choose high heels that make your legs hurt just after some steps. Do not save money on them, since they are responsible for the health of your spine.

We would recommend you not to go for very high heels — choose shoes that have lower heels, you will still look beautiful and your legs will not hurt. Doctors also recommend wearing stilettos for no more than three hours. So, you are safe within this time span. After that, let your body rest.