I made my grandparents happy with a foot spa

Buying a gift for my grandparents is every year one of the most controversial and nerve-racking choices I need to make. So, two weeks prior to their anniversary (oh, I won’t mention the ordeal of buying them individual birthday presents) I was already stumbling in and out of stores in the biggest quest of the year. I don’t even remember who suggested that a foot spa machine could be a great choice: it might have been a friend, a saleswoman or myself, but I immediately felt this might do the trick of pleasing them, after a couple of years of failed conventional gifts that they had no use of. I forgot to mention my grandparents are quite practical people and they like to receive items that actually serve at something.

As they both have feet problems, given their age, they were amazingly thrilled with their new toy and we’ve spent quite some time reading the instructions manual and teaching them how it functions and what they can do with it.

I was pleasantly surprised when they called me, after a couple of weeks, to thank me for the machine, as it helped them relax their tired feet at night and treat minor issues such as swollen and sore feet, that they were prone to especially in days when they had to walk more than usually. Recently, they have taken a trip outside the city and they packed the spa with them, together with all the needed ingredients, in case they would have needed it. They said the foot spa machine was of major assistance after a long day walking. I’m considering taking them another one, so that they both have an individual machine and not fight over it.

Looking back now, I can see why this product was able to ameliorate their foot pain and relieve fatigue after walking. When I bought it, I was informed the spa wasn’t solely designed to heat water and keep it warm while you attempt to peel off the rough skin of your soles, but it included a couple of other helpful, relaxation enhancing devices. On the bottom it had two antiskid, rubberized surfaces, to prevent any accidents from happening, which I thought could be quite useful to my grandmother, as she already had knee surgery and really couldn’t afford injuring her legs again. Besides, the machine was also fitted with two massage rollers that you had to rub your feet on to relax them and, additionally, you could also enjoy a vibrating massage and water wave massage.

Moreover, this little machine was fitted with an aromatherapy device in which you could add your favorite fragrances to obtain a perfumed bath. However, my grandparents usually use Epsom salt which they put directly in the bath. And, to make things easier for them, the device included a simple drainage hose, and a system that allowed them to push the spa and empty it with ease, without having to carry it. Now I’m looking for something a little bit more professional, so that they are able to enjoy a professional spa treatment at home.

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