I use my drill press for woodworking and I love it


I have always known drill presses to be terrific precision tools that can bore holes in exact locations while delivering meticulously controlled boring depths. A favorite tool of woodworkers, the drill press is what I have decided to get myself for my small workshop. I did plenty of research on size and cost to help me decide between a benchtop model and a freestanding or floor unit. I found that for my purpose, I could get a benchtop model at the onset and hopefully move from there once my real estate space has grown.

Since all drill presses work basically the same way, learning how to run my new drill press was easy. The motor is mounted at the back of the machine. It drives a pair of pulleys connected to a spindle that drives the bit. Adjusting the bit speed is easy with the stepped pulleys, allowing me to work on different materials and thicknesses for various woodworking projects. I always use slower speeds for large diameter bits and higher speeds for small diameter ones. I like that my machine comes with five speeds so I can make more precise adjustments every time.

I sometimes experiment (I also experiment with different types of drill and for that I go to website where there are drill press comparison tables) with special types of bits to cut square mortises for joinery works for furniture or to cut decorative rosettes for intricate projects. I also like that my unit has a quill lock that is quite easy to use, which allows me to lower the bit to the exact spot on my workpiece and hold it there temporarily as I make the necessary adjustments to the drilling depth. I am able to handle different sizes of workpieces thanks to the worktable dimensions of 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches. The slotted worktable accommodates clamps or a vise so my workpiece can easily be held in place. The support post is solid and strong, and the base offers more than enough rigidity and support to handle all the vital components of the machine securely as I work.


The chuck always works smoothly. The chuck and spindle assembly are designed so the bit will not exhibit a lot of or wobble as it turns, ensuring consistency in my projects. The primary reason I got a drill press was accuracy. Woodworking requires precise hole drilling and with my drill press, i can create uniformly spaced holes to exact depths, widths and angles as needed for my projects. The depth stop lets me control how far the drill bit will sink into my workpiece, ensuring that the holes are bit too far into the wood nor too shallow.

The machine also enables quick completion of projects with the automatic setting of depths and angles, so I can prevent wastage of materials and time in my workshop. Since I wouldn’t need to exercise as much caution when using a hand drill, i am not slowed down unnecessarily thanks to the automation provided by my drill press. With ample power in my hands, the drill press offers me better functionality that allows me to drill angled holes into wood, letting me enter the wood at the exact spot. I really love my drill press and what it can help me do.

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