Looking for a comfortable mattress for my truck tent



If you already own a truck tent you know how convenient it is. You can set it up in minutes, and it allows you to have plenty of privacy when you are sleeping in your vehicle. It will also protect you from the wind, rain and even hot sun, but this doesn’t make the floor of your truck bed any more comfortable. While sleeping bags and blankets can help make the hard metal floor a little less painful, nothing allows you to get a good night’s rest quite like an inflatable mattress. The right air mattress can actually make you forget that you are sleeping in the bed of your truck, at least until you get a glimpse of the nighttime sky. After trying out various models I have finally found a mattress that not only fits my truck and tent, it is also incredibly comfortable to sleep on.



AirBedz Lite PPI PV202C Review


One of the first things I noticed about this inflatable mattress from AirBedz Lite is that it is designed to cover the wheel wells in the back of the truck. While I am not suggesting that it will make them comfortable to sleep on, it does help prevent any painful bumps and bruises if you toss and turn a little at night. The air coils are also designed to evenly distribute your weight so you can enjoy “all over” support in almost any position.

This air mattress is designed to go in the back of most standard size pickup trucks, and it measures 75” x 63” x 12” when fully inflated. With over 6 feet in length, most adults will find that they can sleep comfortably on the mattress without their feet or head hanging off. Another reason I like this mattress is its durable construction, especially since I have a pretty good idea of what is rolling around on my truck floor. The high quality PVC material is resistant to rips and tears, and this also means that the mattress won’t start deflating due to a small air leak.

While some experienced travelers can probably remember everything they need for their trip, I am not one of them. That is why I am glad that everything needed to inflate the mattress comes included with it. The portable pump can be easily stored with the air mattress, and it also comes with a 16’ cord that is long enough to use with my full size truck bed. Since it runs off of DC power it can be plugged into your vehicle’s outlet so you don’t have to worry about remembering to bring batteries or locate an alternative power source.

I am not saying that this air mattress will make the back of your truck as comfortable as your bed back home, but it might come pretty close. Best of all it is extremely easy to inflate, and it fits in the back of my vehicle and inside my truck tent.

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