My review of the Plusino Spin Kit

Out of the many spinning cast rod and reel combo’s for bass fishing I have tried over the past years, I have to admit the Plusino gave me the greatest satisfaction in what the number of successful catches is concerned. It is kind of ironic because, being very picky, I like to buy my own tackle, and this combo was bought by my wife who has no knowledge whatsoever about fishing gear. She apparently went with the store personnel suggestion, and even though I am usually distrustful with strangers recommendations, I had to take it out fishing a couple of times just to reward her effort. To my surprise, it proved to be a very effective equipment and I rarely switched to something else.

The first thing that comes as a great advantage on this rod is the fact that it’s telescopic, so you can store it anywhere you want, and it’s even easier to set up for fishing than my two-piece rods. In addition, it is composed of a Carbon fiber and fiberglass mix, so it feels flexible and yet strong. Eight aluminum oxide guides hold the line in place on every segment and you can feel the control you have on your cast through the slick reel handle.

The reel has a large, deep aluminum spool with a medium line capacity. The 12 bail bearings are a good feature, as they make the tension in a strong drag almost unobservable.

Some other reviewers complained about the anti-corrosion feature not being as advertised, but until now I haven’t seen any sign of rust or corrosion, although I have been using the gear in saltwater and on wet weather conditions.


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