Replacing my old quesadilla maker

When my old quesadilla maker began failing, I knew I had to get a brand new one pronto. The existing quesadilla maker I have has been on my kitchen countertop for a good three years, and that’s good enough for me considering that I got it on sale at a fantastic bargain price. Now, before buying my trusty quesadilla maker, I did some research and product comparisons. I also looked at owner feedback to make sure I wasn’t going to get an appliance that would turn out unusable or easily broken. I was lucky to find my old quesadilla maker three years ago, and I have not regretted that purchase one bit. This is why I am so sorry to have to bid goodbye to my favorite dinner cooking partner that has served me well all these years.

Till now, I still haven’t decided which quesadilla maker to get. There have been so many companies that manufacture small electric kitchen appliances that it has become more difficult to choose a single product, much less to do research on all of the products available to thresh out the best performing ones. I have even asked everyone I know who owns a quesadilla maker but sadly, majority of them have the same problem I do: they have not been able to find the perfect quesadilla maker to replace their old ones. Now what should I do?

Well, miracles never cease after all! One of my pals, who has been on holiday in Europe for a month, invited me to dinner one Saturday evening (last night only!) so we could celebrate her return and swap stories on what had been going on with our respective lives. Single like I am, that friend of mine prepared both our favorite food that evening, nothing else but , you guessed it, QUESADILLAS! We both love Mexican food, especially quesadillas. She put in all our favorite fillings, chicken, turkey, Monterey Jack, green pepper, chopped onion, avocado, the works. We had a quesadilla party that evening. There were so many stories to share I completely forgot that she had the very kitchen appliance that I needed to replace in my own kitchen, a quesadilla maker. It was new, since she had to retire her old quesadilla maker before she left for Europe.

I did get around to asking her the million dollar question: where did she find such a fantastic replacement appliance that cooked the quesadilla perfectly, all golden brown and crispy? She mentioned this helpful site that reviews quesadilla makers. It is Sunday morning, I am exhausted from all the gabbing we did last night, but I am now about to visit that fantastic site my friend told me about. Cheerios, you guys! Got a job to do for the sake of many dinners to come!



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