Retiring and living out your remaining years traveling with an RV


Starting out

Retiring and living the rest of your life in an RV might be something that may have never crossed your mind. Perhaps you’ve found out about it from a friend who’s considering it, or maybe you’d like to experience the things you didn’t have the chance to when you were employed. Some people nowadays work online and can still make a buck or two while at a campground. The greatest advantage offered by living in an RV is freedom. There’s nobody stopping you from leaving the desert unannounced. No limitations, no rent, no mortgage. Plus, you can finally visit your relatives although you might have been postponing such a trip for many years. The neatest thing about RV travel and living is that nothing and nobody’s pinning you down. As long as you stick to some ground rules, you’re set to go. Be advised, this lifestyle may not be for everyone, particularly if you’re a greater fan of golf courses than you are of not so comfortable sleeping conditions.



RVs are categorized in most of the rv gps reviews depending on their weight and size. Before deciding which one’s the best for your needs, what you need to take into account is your finances. The prices of various models can vary from three thousand to three million dollars, but we couldn’t recommend you to choose either cheap or expensive. Anything you feel comfortable with spending is convenient enough, but you have to be aware of the fact that a second-hand RV might have some problems and might require you to spend a lot more money on repairing it. You guessed it, this is money you could have spent on a brand new RV. As for what you’ll be spending on the road, you’ll have to think of consumables, food, and gas. Luckily, most campgrounds can let you stay for 21 days at a time without any fees. Some of these even have free internet.

Health plan

Since retirement traditionally happens once you’ve become older, you’re likely to suffer from one thing or the other. If you take pills on a daily basis, be sure always to check with your physician and get a subscription that allows you to avoid going into the doctor’s office every month. Also, check your insurance to see whether there’s any coverage in the states you plan to visit or camp in for a while. This can help you avoid a lot of additional costs.



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