Why an electric broom is a great addition to your house


I have taken a long time to consider if to add to my kitchen arsenal an electric broom ( here is a top with the most popular products available online) and what type I should choose. In the beginning it wasn’t easy, I had to browse through reviews and offers that weren’t always useful. Finally, I’ve come to the conclusion that, if I wanted something that is able to replace my vacuum cleaner, it should be a product I was able to use with ease and that would spare me from the ordeal of using my vacuum cleaner. Until then, I had been using a heavy, old model that was impractical because of the hose that I had to drag from one room to another.

I have a medium-sized apartment, so I don’t need more than one hour for vacuuming, but preparing the machine for use took me more time than the actual vacuuming. I’ve started my search for the best electric broom, by checking major brands offers in detail. I’ve made up my mind to buy a cordless electric broom from Bissell because I believed a cord would make the product inconvenient to use and due to the positive reviews from owners.

I ordered it, and the product arrived after two days, nicely wrapped at my door. I’ve decided to use it right away to see how it works on my carpet. Just a little piece of advice, though it may seem like not such an important thing to do, since the item seems so easy to handle, read the instructions manual that explains how the item needs to be set for better results on different surfaces. There’s a button on the lever that starts up the main roll brush,  to offer you better performances on fluffy materials, by picking up mess stored deeply into your carpet’s fabric. The brush is not needed on tiles and hard floors, so you can switch it off.

The item I chose, the  Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper functions on both hard floors and carpets and it can be converted into a handheld vacuum that I thought would really come in handy to use in spaces  that would normally be out of reach for any type of cleaning utensil. Due to this ergonomic feature, you can clean underneath or inside cabinets and other pieces of furniture.

The battery runs for approximately 50-60 minutes so I can sweep my entire place at once. However, even if I finish earlier, I always recharge it, to have it ready in case I need it again. It is a really easy-to-use product and the handle is extremely mobile, thus you won’t feel tired after an 1 hour-long cleaning session. Plus, you can pick up the dust from underneath your furniture, because the head of the broom is slim and it fits in about any place. I’m sure I won’t be forced to use my heavy vacuum cleaner for a while now and my house will still look sparkly.


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